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Top Ten Customer Service Books

By Kevin Stirtz

“The Amazing Service Guy’s Top Ten Customer Service Books. ”

Enhance your Customers’ Experience and sharpen your Customer Focus to differentiate your organization and build long-term loyalty and profitability.

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Everything you need know and do to create and implement your strategy is covered in this great book. 

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3. Who’s Your Gladys by Marilyn Suttle & Lori Jo Vest

Why listed:  Lots of detail and value in stories used as examples. Good way to bring concepts to life.
Like best: Loved the “Gladys Responds” section at the end. Nice way to sum up the ideas.

4. Your Call is Not That Important to Us by Emily Yellin

Why listed: Focus is on how companies are trying to improve customer service.
Like best: History of AT&T’s Theodore Newton Vail, a business man about 100 years ahead of his time.

5. Customer Satisfaction is Worthless by Jeffrey Gitomer

Why listed: Gitomer delivers his message with punch. Love him or hate him, he gets your attention.
Like best: Lots of lists and very interactive. Busy but innovative design for a book.

6. Customer Loyalty Guaranteed Chip R. Bell & John R. Patterson

Why listed: Useful information but fast reading format. Easy to pickup and get value from.
Like best: Strong focus on leader’s responsibility for customer service in the organization.

7. That’s Customer Focus by Ray Miller and Laura E. Miller

Why listed: Covers all the basics in a well organized, easy to follow manner.
Like best: Rules to Live By, quizzes and Action suggestions.

8. Exceptional Customer Service by Lisa Ford, David McNair, William Perry and Tony Hsieh

Why listed: Well done update of a best-selling customer service classic.
Like best: Love the examples of well-known companies, especially Zappos.

9. Customers for Life by Carl Sewell and Paul Brown

Why listed: Hands on, real life and how to. Good for owners, managers and employees.
Like best: Big emphasis on learning what customers want and then giving it to them.

10. The Cult of the Customer by Shep Hyken

Why listed: Fun read with solid ideas and tools. Focus is building your business around your customers.
Like best: The Art of WOW (Chapter 16)

Honorable Mention:

Zappos Culture Book – 2009 by

Why listed: Extremely motivational. Great reference guide or daily reader for everyone on your team.
Like best: Real words from real employees.