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Maximizing the Customer Experience is a unique, interactive, eight module, online customer focus and service excellence certification training program. Get certified as a Certified Customer Experience Professional.

Maximizing the Customer Experience Online Certification Program

This self-paced, interactive, online experience provides the knowledge and skills necessary to enable participants to maximize the quality and value of each interaction with customers and each other.  

For organizations this program provides a comprehensive and cost effective way to train your staff and strengthen customer focus and service excellence.

For individuals this program provides an opportunity for professional development in an essential business competency. It will enhance your current performance and the knowledge and skills are fully transferable as you pursue your career goals.

Upon completion of this workshop,

participants will know:

Participants will develop a Personal Action Plan for implementation after the program.

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Interactive Quizzes and Tests

As you work through each module you will complete short pop quizzes to check your understanding of what has been covered.

And... at the end of each module you will have the opportunity to complete a Final Quiz which you will need to pass with a 70% pass rate in order to move on to the next module in the program.

Study Guide and Personal Action Plan

Included with your tuition is a 42 page Study Guide and Personal Action Plan.

This terrific learning resource contains learning activities and a Personal Action Planning tool. The learning activities will help you to apply what you learn as you work on a module. The Personal Action Plan gives you an opportunity to set some goals for yourself so that you can apply what you have learned on-the-job. A detailed explanation of how to use this tool is provided in the Guide.


When you have successfully completed all the modules and the Study Guide and Action Plan, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and you will be well on your way to becoming a Customer Experience Professional.

About Your Certification

Your CCEP certification is provided by The Training Bank and the Customer Service Institute of America. This means that this program has passed the rigorous standards of both organizations and that you have demonstrated the required knowledge and skill to be granted this designation. To retain this designation you must consistently demonstrate your commitment to the core values, concepts, best-practices and customer focus principles covered in this program.

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Be sure to ask us about:

Trainer’s/Manager’s Implementation and Embedding Guide

Blended options and reinforcement solutions

Customized Learning Portal options

For detailed learning objective for each module, or to request  course description,

Call us at 519-284-8080 or to eMail  click here.

Maximizing the Customer Experience is an 8 module, self-paced, web-based, certification level online training program.

It typically takes from 6 to 7 hours to complete. The content contained in this program is the equivalent of 2 days in a classroom version of the training program. Plus you have access to the system for a full 60 days.

To obtain a copy of this course description, click here.

To obtain a no-obligation fee estimate, call us at 519 284-8080.

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All this for only CDN$249.00

(Based on current foreign exchange rates that is an exceptional deal. If you are an international visitor, check the latest Canadian dollar exchange rate to see how much you will save.)

Each fully narrated module explores all the key principles of customer focus and service excellence in detail. You will also find, tools, tips, situational examples to enhance your understanding of the content.

Included in each module you will find short video clips. These clips are taken from a session of our classroom version of this training program.

A demo module is available however you will need Adobe Flash player in order to interact with the demo module and regrettably, most mobile devices do not support Flash. Therefore we have not included the demo in this mobile device version of this web page. You can however preview this demo on any device that contains Adobe Flash.

We want to ensure that your computer is properly set up to run the course. Most people have the correct software on their computers to deploy and run most Internet based content but sometimes they do not have the latest versions of this software and as a result they encounter problems running online courseware. To avoid encountering problems with this course please ensure that you have the latest versions of the software typically needed for Internet based training. Here is a list of the system requirements needed to ensure this program functions properly.

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For individuals

Use our secure online payment system and self-registration process. As you will need Adobe Flash to display the course modules we suggest that you enrol from a device that supports Flash. You will find a link to our online payment system on the standard version of this web page on our website. (This is a mobile specific version of the web page.)

For groups

If you wish to register multiple users, please contact us to discuss special arrangements. This will be easier than registering individuals one at a time. You may also be eligible for a volume discount so please contact us:

By telephone: 519-284-8080

By eMail: Click here.

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  1. Access and use of this program is granted to and for the sole use of the individual who has enrolled in the program.
  2. The content and supporting materials may not be shared or used by anyone other than the individual who has enrolled in this program.
  3. We warrant that the course provided contains the information as described on this page. We further warrant that it is free of technical defects and, provided the purchaser meets the requirements as described in System Requirements above, the course will deploy and run properly.
  4. In the event that you are unable to access this program, despite having the required supporting hardware/software as described above please contact  us within 48 hours of purchase. If we are unable to correct the problem, we will provide a full refund. If you encounter a problem, email and describe the difficulty you are having. Please ensure that you include your sales confirmation number. We shall endeavour to correct the problem. If we are unable to do so we shall refund the purchase price.
  5. Requests for refunds for any other reason, while not normally accepted, will be considered on a case by case basis.
  6. Please note: Once you have gained access to the online training program and used any part of this training you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of purchase.
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