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Our Customer-Focused Communication Training Workshop  will enhance your ability to communicate effectively with customers and staff, even in the most difficult of situations.

Customer-Focused Communication Workshop

Lack of cooperation between employees is often the result of poor communication. The need for highly effective communication between the back office and frontline is critical to the success of every customer interaction. A breakdown in communication usually ends up impacting the customers’ experience one way or another. Poor communication leads to customer dissatisfaction which is a prescription for disaster.

Enhance your ability to communicate effectively with customers and staff, particularly in those difficult situations, to achieve the results you need. Turn Negative Language into Positive Language and Maximize the Quality of Communication with customers and each other.

Upon completion of this workshop,

participants will:

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  1. Communication and Moments of Truth
  2. The Customer Focused Communication Process
  3. The TIDE Model
  4. Communication Flow
  5. Diagnosing the Situation
  6. Four Communication Approaches
  7. Asking Questions
  8. Listening
  9. Resolving Conflicts
  10. Dealing with Difficult customers
  11. Personal Action Plan

As part of this program, participants complete a Personal Action Plan for how they will take what they learn and apply it on-the-job.

Participants will receive a three ring binder containing all of the of reference information presented in the workshop together with learning activities, exercises and job aides.

02 Workshop Topics include:

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Integration into our other Customer Focus Training programs

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This 1-day, on-site workshop will enable participants to eliminate the needless problems which can so easily arise from ineffective communication.

This program can be customized to reflect your specific requirements and/or it can be incorporated into our other customer focus training programs. The recommended class size is 12 to 14 participants.

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Train-the-trainer certification is also available.

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