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Your Employees will develop a Customer-Focused Mind-set and learn how to use proven tactics and tools to increase customer focus, enhance customer satisfaction, encourage customer loyalty and ensure customer retention.

Customer Focus For the Frontline Workshop

Upon completion of this workshop,

participants will:

Participants will develop a Personal Action Plan for implementation after the program.

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  1. What is Customer-Focus?
  2. Creating a competitive advantage
  3. What Are Your Customers Worth?
  4. Moments of Truth…and Coffee Stains
  5. Creating Value for Customers
  6. Creating a Legend
  7. What Customers' Want
  8. Moments of Truth and the Cycle of Service
  9. The Power of Customer Perception
  10. Understanding Customer Expectations
  11. Retention, Pro-active Recovery and Loyalty
  12. Personal Recovery and Retention Strategies
  13. Service Partnerships-Internal Cooperation
  14. Your Role in Continuous Improvement
  15. Your Personal Action Plan

As part of this program, participants complete a Personal Action Plan for how they will take what they learn and apply it on-the-job.

Participants will receive a three ring binder containing all of the of reference information presented in the workshop together with learning activities, exercises and job aides.

02 Workshop Topics include:

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Program customization

Integration of Customer-Focused Communication into this program

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This 2-day, on-site program is designed specifically for all front-line employees. It can be customized to reflect your specific requirements. The recommended class size is 12 to 14 participants.

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Train-the-trainer certification is also available.

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This highly interactive workshop presents a process for sharpening customer focus and improving service at the point of contact with the customer.

It provides participants with strategies and skills that will help them make the most of their day-to-day interactions with both customers and co-workers.

The video below describes this workshop in detail. (It was produced by our training company called The Training Bank.)